Public Hearing Notices

Attached below are the Pubic Hearing Notices for the regular City Council meetng Tuesday, December 1, 2015.

Planning Commission Applications

The City is currently accepting applications for the City of Grant Planning Commission.  Applications must be submitted to the City by January 22, 2016. Interviews will be held on February 2, 2016, prior to the regular Council meeting and appointments made during the regular meeting.  Based on the number of applications received, interviews may also be scheduled prior to the March 1, 2016 regular Council meeting with appointments made at that meeting.

City of Grant Statement

The City of Grant has not authorized any person or committee to the use of its City seal or masthead. The City has become aware of political advertisements circulating throughout the community containing the City's seal and masthead. The City of Grant has not endorsed or voted to allow municipal water into the City beyond the Wildwood Elementary School. Whether in support of, or in opposition to the charter, advertisements distributed using the City of Grant seal or its masthead are not authorized by the City.            

December 2015 City Council Meeting

The next City Council is Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at 7:00 p.m..

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